Understanding the NFL Betting Lines at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Take a closer look at NFL betting odds next time and don’t automatically assume you understand them as you bet football online.

NFL betting lines go far and above just team names and numbers with plus and minus signs next to them. The NFL betting lines are a language all their own and the gambler that can learn the meaning of that languages, with all of its nuances and hidden signals, is the gambler that will be able to recognize value as they bet football online.

NFL betting lines begin with the so-called “home field advantage” that people believe is worth three points. But oftentimes, the NFL betting lines will feature pointspreads at greater than three points rewarded for the home team based on public perception. If the public thinks that a team has more than a three point margin of advantage playing at home, they will speak with their dollars and their wagers. For example, the Kansas City Chiefs and Green Bay Packers have long had the respective reputations of having tremendous home field advantages over the years, which has meant that the public has gravitated towards them as they bet football online because of those reputations.

Just as in the regular market place, when there is heavy consumer demand on a commodity, the price of that commodity goes up. This has been the case with the Chiefs and Packers as home teams, as they are often overvalued because of the general public’s desire to take them at home when they bet football online. This means that even if the Chiefs and Packers win home games straight up, they may lose them against the NFL betting odds because of their “street cred” with the gambling masses, who wager on them regardless of NFL betting value.

Another factor that may drive a team’s value up or down in NFL betting is its recent performance, both in the previous season or two and in their last game. Even an excellent team, such as the New England Patriots may suffer in esteem in the eyes of the public in NFL betting after a loss. You will notice extra value on good teams coming off a bad game and vice versa in NFL betting. NFL betting lines have a lot more in them than you might think at first glance.

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