Underdogs & Totals in Preseason NFL Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting for the 2010 preseason gets underway on Sunday with the Cincinnati Bengals facing the Dallas Cowboys in the Hall of Fame game.

When you get ready to make an NFL bet during the preseason there are some things to look at in terms of trends.  Underdogs and totals can be two things to consider in the preseason.

NFL betting point spreads are normally small in the preseason.  Taking the points is usually the way to go in the preseason.  Underdogs in the first week of the preseason are more profitable when they are receiving 3.5 points or more. In the past decade they are hitting at about 57%. When it gets past the first week of the preseason there are still underdog trends to follow.  Underdogs in Week 2 that lost in Week 1 have been solid plays.  The teams that lost in the first week want to make a better showing in Week 2 and they are up above 58% when getting more than three points.

Underdogs in Week 3 of the preseason have also been profitable. When teams are getting 3.5 points or more they are almost 60% against the spread. The final week of the preseason is totally unpredictable and underdogs are no better than favorites in Week 4.

Making an NFL bet on underdogs is worth a shot in the preseason and totals are also worth considering.  The totals in Week 1 are normally low and for good reason. The average amount of points scored in Week 1 NFL preseason games is 34 points. It goes up to almost 37 points in Week 2 of the preseason and in Week 3 it goes up to over 38.5 points per game.  It comes down a little in Week 4 to below 38 points per game.  Scoring increases as the preseason gets going which makes sense because starters play more as the preseason progresses.

Take a look at underdogs and totals as you make your preseason wagers.  Look specifically at teams getting more than 3.5 points and look to take games under the total, especially early in the preseason.  Week 1 is a great time to take games under the total since starters get very little playing time in the first week of the preseason.

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