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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football wagering on totals will always take second place to betting sides but you shouldn’t ignore totals because money can be made.

Let’s look at totals in terms of football wagers and some factors to remember.

Football wagering totals in pro or college football are very simple to understand. You just add the score of both teams together to find out if you are a winner in football wagering. You don’t have to worry about laying points. One thing you will notice about bettors that make total football wagers is that they usually bet the over. People like to see points scored and the over will always be more popular in totals football wagers. You will also see oddsmakers making the totals a little bit higher than perhaps they should be, especially on key games in football wagering.

How do we start with totals in football wagering? When handicapping NFL totals we can start with the basics. We can look at the total number of points scored by each team home and away with football wagering. For example, we can take New England at Indianapolis and find the Patriots average points scored on the road at 24 and the Colts average points scored at home at 21 for a combined total of 45. You can also incorporate past meetings into your handicapping and see how previous games have gone in football wagering.

Another factor to consider when betting any total, whether it is college or pro football, is the weather. Bad weather can move a total because people love to play the under in football wagering when bad weather is expected. Wind is sometimes more of a factor than rain or snow because it affects the ability of a team to throw the ball. Many bettors forget this one simple fact when looking at the weather in football wagering.

Making football wagers with college football totals has become more available in recent years since many more sportsbooks are putting up more totals. There was a time where only the nationally televised games would get totals but now sportsbooks are much more likely to put football wagering totals on any TV game and some books put totals on all the games.

Whenever you are looking at making football wagers in the NFL or college football remember to check the weather, especially the wind, and also look at the football wagering line movement.

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