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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

2009 NFL Draft lines are very deep and very exciting on wide receivers.

Unlike the 2008 Draft when no receivers were even taken in the first round, NFL Draft odds tell us that as many as five or six might go in the first round this year.  Let’s look at the top receivers in 2009 NFL Draft lines.

2009 NFL Draft lines tell us that Texas Tech wide receiver Michael Crabtree is almost certain to go in the Top 10.  There are very few people who look at NFL Draft odds that don’t believe Crabtree will be a star in the NFL.  Crabtree has the size that NFL scouts love and his performance at Texas Tech was nothing short of spectacular.  Although he won’t go #1 in 2009 NFL Draft lines, he is probably the best player in this year’s draft.

Right behind Crabtree in 2009 NFL Draft lines is Missouri wide receiver Jeremy Maclin.  While Crabtree is thought to be a certain star in the NFL, Maclin is not that far behind.  Some people that look at NFL Draft odds love Maclin’s speed and ability and believe he could be a game changer in the NFL.

Although Brandon Pettigrew is a tight end, he really should go in the receivers group in 2009 NFL Draft lines because of his ability.  The Oklahoma State tight end is considered a future star in the NFL and would be a steal for any team that takes him in 2009 NFL Draft lines.  Most people believe he is certain to go in the first round of 2009 NFL Draft lines.

Another receiver expected to go in the first round of 2009 NFL Draft lines is Maryland’s Darrius Heyward-Bey. He is considered behind Crabtree and Maclin but there are some people that think he could be a starter next year in the NFL at a slot receiver position.

One receiver that was thought to be a sure first round pick in 2009 NFL Draft lines was Percy Harvin out of Florida but that is not a guarantee anymore.  Some people are questioning his character although no one doubts his ability. 

Two other receivers that could go in the first round of 2009 NFL Draft lines are Rutgers’ Kenny Britt and North Carolina’s Hakeem Nicks.  It is unlikely that Ohio State’s Brian Robiskie goes in the first round but he is definitely on the radar of some teams in NFL Draft odds.

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