Top Defenders in 2009 NFL Draft Lines at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

2009 NFL Draft lines for defensive players begin with Wake Forest’s Aaron Curry who is expected to go in the Top 5 in the NFL Draft.

He is considered the safest pick in NFL Draft odds and could go as high as #3 to Kansas City.   There are a number of other defenders who are likely to go in the first round of 2009 NFL Draft lines.

2009 NFL Draft lines are showing that Boston College defensive tackle B.J. Raji should be one of the first ten players selected.  He is 6’1, 323 lbs and many teams would love to have him. Not far behind Raji is Texas defensive end Brian Orakpo.  He is actually a better pass rusher than Raji and could be selected higher in 2009 NFL Draft lines.  Another linebacker that is getting attention in 2009 NFL Draft lines is Florida State’s Everette Brown.  He is another player that can put pressure on the quarterback and his size at 6’4, 252 lbs is very attractive to NFL scouts who look at defensive players.

A player that has been up and down in 2009 NFL Draft lines is Penn State defensive end Aaron Maybin.  There are some people that think he should go in the Top 10 but in recent weeks he has slipped past that mark in NFL Draft odds. While Maybin has dropped in recent weeks, Mississippi defensive tackle Peria Jerry has moved up in 2009 NFL Draft lines.  He probably won’t go ahead of Maybin in NFL Draft odds but it could be close.

The player that has risen the fastest in 2009 NFL Draft lines recently has been LSU defensive end Tyson Jackson.  He really wasn’t considered a top 20 player but now could easily go before Maybin or Perry in 2009 NFL Draft lines.

The best cornerback in 2009 NFL Draft lines is Ohio State’s Malcolm Jenkins and he is a sure first round pick.  Another cornerback that could go in the first round in 2009 NFL Draft lines is Illinois’ Vontae Davis.

Other players that could go in the first round of 2009 NFL Draft lines are USC linebackers Rey Maualuga, Brian Cushing and Clay Matthews Jr., Virginia linebacker Clint Sintim, and maybe even Ohio State linebacker James Laurinaitis.

Those are the best defensive players that could make a mark in NFL Draft odds this year. Open a New Account and the bet on 2009 NFL Draft at SBG Global!

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