Top 5 Reasons to Watch the 2015 Pro Bowl

January 25, 2015 NFL Football

Referee signaling touchdown during football gameThis Sunday, the 25th of January, we will be able to bet on the 2015 Pro Bowl with the Team Carter and Team Irving playing with players from both the AFC and NFC. The game is played at the same field as this year’s Super Bowl XLIX, the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Kickoff time is scheduled at 8:05 PM ET and can seen on ESPN TV.

The teams were selected by the Team Captains Carter and Irving from the players that were determined eligible and not participating in the Super Bowl XLIX this season. The early Vegas odds have the Team Carter favored at -2 with the O/U at 68 ½ and -135 ML.

Then we think there are five (5) good reasons if you bet on NFL at SBG Global you should watch this 2015 Pro Bowl for the 1st time in a long time, not being played in Hawaii!

There are not a lot of way that football and the logistics of the game, normally don’t create a good All-Star game per say. Thus the NFL last year changed the Pro Bowl format to include selection of players in a draft system led by players who previously played the game and have Hall of Fame personalities.

The first reason you should watch is this draft format makes for completion.

Vice President for NFL football operations Troy Vincent was the first to admit had worked very diligently to make this Pro Bowl event a more anticipated and watched event by the NFL fans. Also, as it is played in the same venue as the Super Bowl XLIX rather than Hawaii also helps, and the NFL seeks a more fan-friendly game. The draft format turned out to be entertaining, and the NFL would like the personalities of the players involved to continue through the end of this Pro Bowl game. The NFL has worked to create excitement among the players participating. The Pro Bowl Draft was an entertaining event in its own right, but the league hopes the personalities of those involved continues through the game.

The Second reason is the interesting change in kicking regulations for this game.

The NFL team kickers find themselves like guinea pigs in this game, with some important rule change testing. For purposes of experimenting the field goal post in this Pro Bowl field will be reduced from the normal 18.5 feet to some 14.0 feet in width between goal posts. Plus, the extra points in this Pro Bowl game will be move back by 15 feet, the now the FG kickers are trying to complete a 33.5 yard field goal kick. The method behind this madness is that the kickers, especially in extra points are completing some 99 % of their extra point kicks. From the kickers standpoint they are concerned that this experiment will carry past this Pro Bowl and into the NFL regular season games.

The third reason allows fans to get to know the new upcoming stars.

This game will allow the fans viewing the Pro Bowl a better opportunity to become more acquainted with the NFL players and those that will be future NFL star players. This Pro Bowl 2015 will have some thirty-four players, which this will be their 1st Pro Bowl, and some 16 of those have had no more than 3 seasons in the league. Then there are 4 players who are in their 10th season in the NFL playing in this game: Return man Sproles of the Eagles, Guard Mathis of the Eagles, safety Adams of the Colts and Center Ladouceur of the Cowboys.

The fourth reason is titled the flair factor.

In this game were talking about an basically and All-Star game, and a lot of players want to score points, dunk the goalpost, providing trick plays, as it’s a national televised game, and all what some attention. And this means some pure entertainment value with the spectators seeing more camera angles on the field, more microphones on team Captains Carter and Irving to keep the fan base’s attention.

The fifth reason is to for the fans to have an appreciation for the game with what it really is.

That is because in football, much more than other sports, they rely on difficult terminologies, confusing playbooks and the execution of same by the players, and if the teams don’t take advantage of their short time together preparing for this Pro Bowl game, then to the fans there could be a view of ugliness in the game. Probably because fans and critics don’t give the Pro Bowl selected players the credit they deserve for being intelligent and pursuing the playbooks and formats to prepare for a Pro Bowl, All-Star type game.

There’s an expectation of ugliness if teams don’t use their short time together to learn these things. But Carter said NFL players don’t get enough credit for being smart and picking up those play calls quickly to prepare for an All-Star game.

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