The Truth about NFL Bets at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL bets are oftentimes not quite as simple as they appear. How many times have you watched an NFL pregame show and heard the NFL betting odds.

It happens quite a bit but those odds don’t always tell the whole story. NFL bets are made mainly by public bettors. Yes, professionals do get involved in NFL betting, but the NFL is a huge public sport. 

Many of these public bettors get their information and their plays from watching TV or reading the newspaper or articles on the Internet. This is not always a good idea because public opinion is what makes the NFL betting line. You would think that the NFL bets odds are based on a pure number based on what the difference is between the two teams. In reality, most of the time in fact, the NFL bets odds are not based on a pure number based on the actual merits of the matchup but are instead based on what the oddsmakers believe is a number that will attract equal amounts of action to both sides of the matchup.  This applies to NFL bets on the side and the total.

Let’s say, or example, that there is a matchup between New England and Indianapolis that should be rated as a “pick’em” in terms of NFL bets odds. But the oddsmakers sense that, since New England has Indianapolis’ “number” that the public is going to be more inclined to bet on the Patriots. With that in mind, the oddsmakers will set New England as the favorite, even though the teams should be even on the NFL betting odds board.
By creating an NFL bets line that is equally attractive to both sides, the sportsbook is guaranteed a profit due to the “juice” (the extra ten-percent that a gambler must bet above the amount that he is trying to win, which the losing gamblers forfeit as part of the stake money.

So, yes, in case you are wondering, the wrong team can be and sometimes is favored in NFL bets odds. Beyond that, teams are often favored by more or less points than what is actually merited in terms of NFL bet odds. Beyond that, over/under totals and even futures bets are all based on public perception, and how the public is likely to make NFL bets. The difference between what the NFL bet odds should be compared to what they actually are, is the value equation.

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