The Schedule Influences NFL Bets at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL bets are influenced by the actual NFL schedule. The NFL schedule goes far beyond just the sixteen games that each team plays.

The NFL schedule for pro football betting also comes down to what part of the season the schedule is in as it applies to making NFL bets. Let’s look at the NFL schedule and how it influences your NFL bets.

NFL bets early in the season can be tricky. Sometimes teams looking to get a foothold as far as playoff contention and building momentum may bolt out of the gate, only to take away their value against the pro football betting pointspread. By the same token traditional power type teams may not start off well with their early results, which will have the effect of turning off the mainstream pro football betting public from making NFL bets, thus, enhancing their value in the later portion of the season.

The increase in playoff teams has had a strong affect on NFL bets late in the season as now there are more meaningless regular season games toward the end of the season than ever before as teams that clinch a playoff berth nowadays rest their players and treat those games as exhibitions in which they are simply trying to escape serious injury.

NFL bets are also tricky on a team by team basis as rivalries, revenge games, and travel can be important. The bye weeks are also yet another factor that is important when making NFL bets.

When you look at the NFL schedule and make NFL bets it is a good idea to look both ahead and behind for each team. For example, when factoring rivalry games such as Oakland/Kansas City, Chicago/Green Bay, Dallas/Washington and others it is not a bad idea to use these games for possible “look ahead” and “hangover affects” in NFL bets.

The NFL schedule can be a tricky read but pro football betting gamblers that learn the overall aspects of how to use it to their advantage and how to interpret the schedule can add to their overall profit margin when making NFL bets.

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