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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Bet football choices for gamblers can be superb when it comes to NFL betting.

While the NFL is by far the most popular sport, it does not really have very many games. There are only 16 games or less each NFL weekend, and in reality that is not very many as you bet football.

Bet football options in the NFL are sometimes easy to predict. The public likes favorites and overs. If you ask any professional gambler that bets the NFL they will undoubtedly tell you that they play more underdogs and unders than anything else. Why is that?  It is because in the long run, the sports gambling public loses as they bet football

Remember though, it doesn’t happen every time, it sometimes doesn’t happen every year, but in the long run they do lose in NFL betting.  For example, in December, when the weather is cold in the East and rain and snow are more frequent, the public will bet football games under the total.  Do you think the oddsmakers know this? Of course they do. They shade certain games under, simply for the fact that they know the public will bet football games under the total in bad weather. The same type of thing happens early in the NFL betting season when oddsmakers know the public will be taking the “power” teams from a season ago as they bet football. 

The public bets on favorites in every sport more than they do the underdog, but it is so much more obvious in the NFL because there are so few games to choose from. If you look at a busy college football schedule you will see over 50 games on the board as you bet football. That is about four times the amount of NFL games. The public will still bet football favorites in college football; it just won’t be as heavy, or as obvious. 

When you look to bet football games in the NFL this season keep this important point in mind that the public has just as much of an influence on the line as the so called “Wise guys.” Also remember that there is instant value in taking the underdogs in the NFL because the NFL betting line is shaded towards the favorites. You can also take that point and apply it to totals as well because the public more often than not will bet football games over the total.

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