The Numbers in Super Bowl Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl betting is all about the numbers. You have millions of people around the world that watch the game and billions of dollars that are bet on the game.

There are simply a lot of numbers that matter in Super Bowl odds. Super Bowl betting normally has the favored team getting a lot of play.  In Super Bowl XLIV that is not as much the case.  In recent Super Bowls there have been some perceived mismatches but that is not the case in Super Bowl betting this year. 

This is a very popular game in Super Bowl odds with each team getting a lot of action.  It is expected to be one of the best Super Bowls ever.  Normally the favorite gets all of the attention on the pointspread while the underdog gets attention on the money line.  Again, Super Bowl XLIV doesn’t have nearly as high a pointspread as recent games so things are different.

Keep in mind as you look at Super Bowl odds that anything can happen. It is just one game and the trends can change.  Remember how often the Super Bowl used to go over every year?  That trend has not been an automatic in Super Bowl betting although last year’s game did just make it over.

Even the trend of taking the underdog on the money line in Super Bowl betting has not always worked.  Look what happened last year in Super Bowl odds.  The Pittsburgh Steelers won the game but didn’t cover the spread and the money line underdog was a loser on Arizona.  And keep in mind that when you take the underdog on the money line in the Super Bowl you are not getting any value.  The oddsmakers simply know that the public is going to take the underdog on the money line so the value in the Super Bowl line is gone. Normally the value is with the underdog but again, this year that value is diminished since the line is so small.

As you get ready for this year’s Super Bowl betting start by looking at the basic numbers. Don’t get too carried away with trends and stats. Look at the two teams and see which team has what it takes to win in Super Bowl betting.  That is what matters the most as you look at the numbers for Super Bowl XLIV.

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