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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Think like an NFL betting oddsmaker and analyze how many points on the lines are attributed to that public betting on nfl football.

NFL betting begins in your mind and continues at the sportsbook. If you want to stop losing money, suffering bad beats, and begin a successful NFL betting career you are likely going to have to have to change your thought process. Betting on NFL football is exciting and fun, but it is not always easy and it is not always profitable.

NFL betting is done more successfully if you think like the oddsmakers. And in many cases, that means going against not just the NFL betting public but also going directly against your own instincts and gut reactions. For example, when a game is a straight up “mismatch” between two teams that are regarded as unequal the masses first inclination is to bet on the stronger of the two teams, thinking on a straight up rather than pointspread basis in NFL betting. The oddsmakers are aware of this public trend and therefore will make the better team an “overlay” and force gamblers to lay more points than merited when they are betting on NFL football.

For example, when a game is being played in inclement weather one of the big things that the NFL betting masses love to do is bet the “under.” You must resist your temptation to automatically do this because if you succumb, you are thinking like a gambler rather than an oddsmaker as you are betting on NFL football.

When there is a key injury to a team such as to its starting quarterback or key running back you must resist the automatic instinct reaction of betting against that team because if you do, you are not thinking like an oddsmaker when betting on NFL football. An oddsmaker has adjusted his football betting lines to compensate for that injury and that team missing the key player may actually be more valuable on the NFL betting boards without that player. In essence, you must think with both sides of your brain when analyzing the NFL betting lines. You must think like the NFL betting public, to get a general feel for what the “typical/conventional wisdom” line of thinking is, in summary, you must train yourself to oppose the public in NFL betting and start to think like an oddsmaker.

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