The Football Playoffs Extra Point is Critical at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football playoffs can be exciting, especially when you are winning money.

Does the half point or the full point in the pro football playoffs make that big of a difference? Is it that critical to your success to line shop and get the best number?

Football playoffs betting action involves quite a few games and the extra half point or full point can be important. Let’s start with an example. Let’s say you are making your bets in the pro football playoffs and early in the week get a game at -6 but later in the week the line goes to -6.5. The game falls 6 and you get a push. Had you bet this football playoffs game later in the week and the laid the 6.5 points you would have lost. It doesn’t seem like much but let’s look at what that one loss can mean in the football playoffs. We’ll say for arguments sake that you pick 50% winners and 50% losers. If you can turn some of those losses into pushes or pushes into wins you can increase that percentage from 50% to anywhere from 52 to 54%. That means just by flipping a coin with your picks you can you can increase your winning percentage by as much as 2-4 percent by getting that extra half point in your favor in the football playoffs. 

Sometimes the extra half point in the football playoffs will not mean anything.  There are going to be weeks in the pro football playoffs when it just doesn’t make a big difference.  The big thing is on the weeks in the football playoffs where it does make a difference. Let’s look at a big picture football playoffs example. Let’s say you win 53% of your games in the football playoffs which is just barely breaking even. Now let’s say we add in 3% for the extra half points we were able to get during the pro football playoffs.  Now instead of 53% we have increased our winning percentage to over 56% and we have a winning football playoffs season.  Let’s look at it more in detail. If you won 13 games at $100 per game you would have collected $1,300 while losing 12 games for $1,320.  That is basically a nothing season football playoffs action. But let’s take that percentage up to 56% which would be 14-11. Now you win $1,400 and lose $1210 and make nearly $200. That is sure a lot better than losing money and makes the football playoffs worthwhile.

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