The 2020 Super Bowl LIV Exotic Props Online Betting

January 29th, 2020 NFL Football, Online Wagering

Above all Super Bowl LIV will draw millions of viewers that normally don’t even watch football. In the same way, Super Sunday will draw gambling action from those who normally don’t wager on sports. Further, even seasoned professional gamblers will be attracted to some of the unique prop bets on the board. Exotic props may make a lot of folks laugh. But they also draw a lot of betting activity. Let’s examine some of the top exotic props for Super Bowl LIV between the 49ers and Chiefs.

Will FOX Broadcast Mention the Point Spread or Total During the Broadcast?

For all that we have seen in regard to the meteoric growth of gambling, there is still a stigma about announcers discussing it. But an “innocent” mention of the point spread just to inform viewers is highly possible. Yes, +170 could be a decent value here compared to no at -250.

Will Any Player Propose to His Girlfriend On The Field After the Game?

Indeed, it’s not uncommon for college players to pop the question after a big win. Pro football players are a little less impulsive about such life-changing decisions. Yes, opened as a strong +500 Super Bowl Exotic Props Betting underdog. While no, is compelling but unlikely chalk at -900.

Who Will The Super Bowl MVP Mention First In His Speech?

At first, teammates opened +150. Following was, God at +210, Family/Family Member +500, City +800, Coach +450, Owner +1400, or Does Not Mention Any of Those +500. Owing to his all-important role, God would have to serve as the online wagering choice for this one!

What Color Will the Liquid be, that is Poured on The Game Winning Coach?

Now this Super Bowl Exotic Props Betting selection figures to have a logical and scientific theory. Both teams’ primary color is red. Therefore, it stands to figure that the winning coach will be drowned in red Gatorade. At +145 red makes for a potentially solid value

Total Donald Trump Tweets on February 2

The President of the United States is at an over-under of 13.5 for total tweets on the day. Accordingly, this could be an opportunity for a classic contrarian bet. President Trump may try to work in a round of golf before the game. It follows that he may be entertaining guests during the game which may keep the total under the number.

How Many Commercials Will Run During The Super Bowl?

Fashion how Super Sunday fun includes the commercials. Companies invest a lot of effort and money into these spots. Consider that a Super Bowl ad will draw more viewers than at any other time. In like manner, the NFL always loves to jam countless ads into their games. With that in mind, the over-under on total commercials is 92.5. Fox is expected to run a total of 80 ads at 30-seconds each. Last year CBS ran 91 ads. Owing to the intangible of replay reviews, injury timeouts, and potential overtime could the number be affected.

Which Commercial Will Appear First? Michelob Ultra or Michelob Pure Gold?

Michelob Pure Gold is not nearly as well-known as Michelob Ultra. As a result, the Super Bowl offers the perfect chance to introduce Gold to the masses.

Super Bowl LIV Exotic Props Picks:

God, to be mentioned first by the Super Bowl MVP!

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