Terrell Suggs Nearing Long-Term Deal with Ravens

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

The Baltimore Ravens are nearing a long-term deal with Pro Bowl linebacker Terrell Suggs.

The Ravens were just a step away from the Super Bowl last season and are a serious contender in the AFC in NFL betting so getting Suggs signed would be a big plus.

The deadline for reaching a deal with franchise tag players is July 15th as NFL betting information tells us so it won’t be long before something is announced. Suggs said on Friday that a deal was basically in place. Suggs would earn $10.2 million this year if no deal is worked out but it sounds like something is going to get done in the next few days. "We are close to an agreement. We just have a few little things to work out," Suggs told the Baltimore Sun, "I don’t want to go into great detail, but it’s things like the years of the agreement and incentives, but the basic framework has been done."

Suggs is one of the best defensive players in the league as NFL betting statistics show, and actually is more important to the Ravens defense than Ray Lewis who is on the downside of his career. Suggs is only 26 years old and is considered a player that will lead Baltimore’s defense for years and impact NFL odds at the online sportsbook.

Suggs has said that his contract will not make him the highest paid defensive player in the NFL. "No, that’s not true," he said. "But that’s cool if people want to believe that. Being one of the highest-paid players has never been my motivation. I just wanted to be paid what is fair, what I think I’ve earned."

Suggs would like a deal like Indianapolis defensive end Dwight Freeney signed in 2007 which was worth $72 million as NFL betting numbers show, but he has said that is not going to be the case. "Again, I don’t want to go into details but once it comes out I think everybody will be shocked, and they are going to say, ‘What took so long to get this done?’ "

Last year Suggs missed all of training camp after being franchised but he still made his third Pro Bowl and led the Ravens with eight sacks and was third on the team with a career-best 102 tackles as NFL odds statistics tell us. Online betting information tells us that this season Suggs expects to be at training camp from the start. "I’ll be there when camp opens," he said.

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