Ten Pro Bowlers who will join new teams this season!

July 22, 2014 NFL Football

With the 2014 NFL Season some 50 days down the road we will take a look at the Ten Players that played in the 2014 Pro Bowl who have now changed teams for this upcoming NFL season.  The ten player signed deals for a combined total of $128 million in guaranteed salaries.  Some teams were willing to pay for the Pro Bowl selection and the Redskins opted for two.

The critical factor in the negotiating for a player who has played on another team is a risk as the player is with a different roster and playing a different scheme of football with the new team.

There is always risk involved when you pay a player for what he has done on another roster in another scheme, and now you are hoping your club gets a Pro Bowl season out of its new addition, and the teams keep their fingers crossed that all works well.

The ten players this year are made up of six defensive backs and all 10 players are hoping to be back to the Pro Bowl this season, but in a different team uniform.

The 10 players listed below are in the highest to lowest contracts that have guaranteed money involved:

Safety, Jairus Byrd, who has left the Buffalo Bills to join the New Orleans Saints for a six year deal of $54 million, with a guaranteed $26.3 million.

Left Tackle, Branden Albert, who left the Kansas Chief Chiefs and joined the Miami Dolphins on a five year deal for $47 million, with a guaranteed $26 million.

Wide Receiver, DeSean Jackson, who has left the Philadelphia Eagles to join division rival, the Washington Redskins with a four year deal of $32 million and $16 million guaranteed.

 Cornerback, Alterraun Verner, who has left the Tennessee Titans to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with a four year contract for $25.75 million and $14 million guaranteed.

Safety, TJ Ward, who left the Cleveland Browns to join the Denver Broncos in a four year deal worth $22.5 million with some $14 million guaranteed.

Cornerback, Darrelle Revis, who left the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to join the New England Patriots on a one year deal for $12 million and all of it guaranteed. 

Defensive Lineman, Jason Hatcher, who left the Dallas Cowboys to join rival Redskins in a four year deal of $27.5 million and $10.5 million guaranteed.

Wide Receiver and Running Back, Dexter McCluster who left the Chiefs and joined the Titans with a three year deal of $9 million of which $7.5 million is guaranteed.

Cornerback, Brandon Flowers, who left the Kansas City Chiefs to join the rival San Diego Chargers on a one year deal for $3 million and with $1.5 million guaranteed. 

Last but not least is Cornerback, Antonio Cromartie, who has left the New York Jets to join the Arizona Cardinals on a one year deal for $3.5 million and only guaranteed $200,000.

So fans who Bet the NFL, here are a few players to watch this season to see if they make the Pro Bowl again and you may even see future odds , for same at your NFL sportsbooks sites.  Good Luck!

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