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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Televised football action is exciting to wager on in football lines action and if you handicap the lines football properly you can make money.

Football lines are the most popular on televised games. This is no secret, as gamblers love to wager on lines football action if the game is on the tube. The good news is that there has never been more televised football action than there is today. Football lines on television are interesting to handicap.

You have to be very careful about playing every single TV game in lines football action. Rather than lament all of that televised football, however, there is a way to turn it all to your advantage more than once. A good way to turn the temptation of having action on the major TV games is simply to focus your handicapping on those games and ignore the others. Yes, you can handicap televised games successfully versus NFL lines. Let’s say that there are the typical 60 or so college football games for a normal weekend. Of those there will be anywhere from 10 to 12 that you can easily watch on cable/network stations.

If you want to bump that up with a special college football subscription package you may get 20 games to choose from. Knowing that most gamblers like to bet on TV games, you may as well turn this into a positive and simply ignore the other games on the football lines board, and really break down the TV games to find the best two or three to wager on in lines football action. Now it would still be a mistake to do what the football gambling masses do, which is wager on all of the TV games versus football lines. But as long as you have the desire to watch your money in action, find the best games available as far as a football lines perspective and play those.

Keep in mind when you handicap football lines that the masses already are prone to take the home teams and favorites in any matchup, but especially when it is on television. Another great feature of televised football is that you can get a “feel” for how the teams matchup for the first half and then make a “halftime” wager versus football lines. As soon as the first half ends the sportsbooks will post halftime football lines, and you can take what you have learned in the first half and apply it versus the halftime football lines.

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