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December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

Football odds on teasers are different than parlays because with teasers you get points added to your odds football side.

Football odds are available on teasers in college and pro football. Odds football teasers, while not quite as popular as parlays, are popular enough to merit strong consideration by gamblers. A teaser, like a parlay, is when a gambler puts together a group of teams football odds ranging from three to ten that all must win for the wager to be a winner.

For example, a parlay that combines college and pro football games might have Missouri +10, Alabama -1, New England -17, Oakland +4, and Dallas -3. This same group of teams on a football odds teaser, however, would read Missouri +17, Alabama +6, New England -10, Oakland +11, and Dallas +4. This would be a five team, 7-point football odds teaser. The trade off for the far better pro football odds is that teasers do not payoff as well as parlays. The odds football teaser has lines like these: 3-teamer 2-1 football odds, 4-teamer 3-1 odds, 5-teamer 4-1 football odds, 6-teamer 5-1 football odds, 7-teamer 6-1 football odds and an 8-teamer at 7-1. With teasers you can usually combine college and pro sides and totals.

You may also see what are called “Special teasers” that have slightly different payout structures in odds football action. They are set up and range anywhere from 2-10 teams. With teasers you will find that oftentimes if you have one of your games that ends in a tie the teaser will reduce down to the next level. For example, if you had a five teamer and won four games and tied the other game in odds football action it would reduce down to a four teamer. Check the rules for teasers since some sportsbooks will say that ties win on a teaser while others might say ties lose.

Many professional gamblers like to play teasers with a small amount of teams. They usually keep teasers at between 2-4 teams to give themselves the best chance to win. Teasers, if played properly, can give a gambler an edge against the football odds.

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