Teams that Could Surprise in 2010 NFL Betting

December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

What teams that struggled in 2009 could surprise vs. the NFL betting odds in 2010?.

A total of 12 teams finished with below .500 records last season and the chances are very good that at least a few of them will make the playoffs this season.  Which teams that struggled last season do you want to make an NFL bet on this year?

NFL betting odds are not likely to favor the losing teams from last year and that is why they can be valuable this season.  The 12 losing teams from last year were the St. Louis Rams, Detroit Lions, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Washington Redskins, Cleveland Browns, Oakland Raiders, Seattle Seahawks, Buffalo Bills, Chicago Bears, Jacksonville Jaguars, Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins. Which of those teams are likely to be improved this season?

The Detroit Lions won just two games last season but they should be vastly improved in 2010. They probably won’t make the playoffs but they are not going to be a horrible team anymore.  The St. Louis Rams and Tampa Bay Bucs could show some improvement but neither team looks to be that much better than they were a year ago.  The Washington Redskins have a new head coach in Mike Shanahan and a new quarterback in Donovan McNabb. It is almost a given that they are going to be a lot better in 2010. The Cleveland Browns are now run by Mike Holmgren and they have a new quarterback in Jake Delhomme. The Browns should also be improved this season.  The Oakland Raiders have a new quarterback in Jason Campbell but with Al Davis as the owner it is hard to have a lot of confidence in the Raiders.  The Seattle Seahawks have a new head coach in Pete Carroll and they play in the weakest division in football so they could be improved.  The Buffalo Bills have a new head coach in Chan Gailey but they look to be just as bad as last season.

The Chicago Bears are counting on new offensive coordinator Mike Martz to get things going while the Jacksonville Jaguars could also see improvement this season although it is tough to ever know what that team is going to do when making an NFL bet. 

The two teams that really look to be the most improved are the Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins. The Chiefs have a new offensive coordinator in Charlie Weis and new defensive coordinator in Romeo Crennel. The Chiefs are a team to watch in 2010. The Dolphins now have Brandon Marshall and they should bounce back from their losing season of a year ago.

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