Taking the Points in 2010 Super Bowl Betting

December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

That is nothing new though as the favored team in Super Bowl odds is almost always the popular choice. Should you consider taking the points in 2010 Super Bowl betting?

2010 Super Bowl betting has the favored team shaded a little bit because the public loves to bet favorites.  That is no secret in 2010 Super Bowl betting.  Everyone likes playing the “perceived” better team.  Sometimes that team wins and covers in Super Bowl odds and sometimes they don’t.  In fact, if you go back in Super Bowl odds history you will find that the favorite and the underdog are almost exactly 50-50. 

2010 Super Bowl betting is more likely to have the favorite cover than in the regular season but that goes right along with history.  In the regular season the underdogs have a better chance of covering the spread historically. That does not mean you will make money taking the underdog all the time in the NFL and it does not mean you should take the dog in 2010 Super Bowl betting but it is something to think about.

It is important to remember in 2010 Super Bowl betting that the public and the media are in love with favorites.  They love betting favorites in the NFL, even more than the other sports.  The NFL just looks so easy when it comes to taking the favorite, but that is rarely the case.  The public bets the favorites, and more often than not, the favorites won’t cover the spread.  But that is not by a large margin so you just can’t blindly play underdogs and make money. There are times when the favorites do win, so it is not a given that you will by taking the underdog and that applies to 2010 Super Bowl betting as well.

It is human nature to always bet the team you think is going to win the game and that applies to 2010 Super Bowl betting.  The problem with that theory in the NFL is that you have to deal with the pointspread.  Last year in Super Bowl odds the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Arizona Cardinals but they did not cover the pointspread.  Sports betting, and 2010 Super Bowl betting is tilted toward the favorite.  People love to take the power.  That means taking the favorite.  The public will continue to run to the window to bet the favorite.  If you want to be successful in your 2010 Super Bowl betting you should consider taking the points.

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