Survivor Rules in Football Betting

December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

A popular contest in football betting has become the survivor contest. It is where you pick one team to win each week during the NFL season.

While the contest doesn’t normally include the NFL betting point spread, it is oftentimes just as tough to pick the straight up winner.

Football betting in the NFL is usually all about picking the straight up winner anyway so the point spread is not that critical.  When you get into a survivor contest the goal is to pick one team to win each week.  You can only use that team once for the season so once they have been used you can’t pick them again.  How do you go about winning a survivor contest and what things do you need to remember?

The first thing about a survivor contest is not to worry about saving teams for later in the season.  Pick the game you think will win this week and worry about next week later.  You want to survive and you can’t get picky.  If you think the Colts will win at home against Jacksonville then take them.  It is a very good idea to always pick a home team when you are in a survivor contest.  Home teams win more than road teams and you can’t be guessing as to when a home team will lose.

If you are wondering which team to pick for a given week and can’t decide then remember to go against a losing team that is on the road.  If the Bills or Lions are on the road then you may want to go against them. Another thing to keep in mind with a survivor contest is that you really don’t want to be picking a game where the line is small. If you have a game between Green Bay and Minnesota it is really tough to decide on who will win so just avoid that type of game. Late in the season if you are still alive in the survivor contest, keep in mind that playoff teams are not the ones to use.  Don’t be going with teams that have already clinched a spot as they have nothing to play for.

A survivor contest is really a great way to keep involved in NFL betting throughout the season.  You can pick one team each week to win and see how long you can stay alive. Keep some of these tips in mind as you look to win your survivor contest this season.

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