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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Superbowl odds and statistics are interesting to look at for many people before the big game.

Superbowl odds have New England a 12 point favorite with a total of 53.5.  Superbowl odds would probably have the Patriots as a bigger favorite but the Giants have been covering the spread of late while New England has not.

Superbowl odds and stats show that New York has improved their play mainly because of improved passing. Giants’ quarterback Eli Manning has improved his play in recent weeks and New York has looked like a different team.  During the regular season Manning threw 20 interceptions and that was tied for most in the NFL.  Superbowl odds show that the Giants and Patriots met during the regular season with New England winning 38-35.  The problem for New York in Superbowl odds and stats is that their defense has been weak, even in the playoffs.  When teams have gotten into scoring position against New York they have scored most of the time and that could factor into Superbowl betting.  New York’s offense has been able to put up enough points to offset a questionable defense and that will be important as you consider Superbowl odds. The Giants led the league in sacks but they only got to New England quarterback Tom Brady once in the December loss and will need to get pressure on him to cover the Superbowl odds. The Patriots were second in sacks, right behind the Giants, and their pressure on Manning could be a big factor in Superbowl betting this week.

As you look at Superbowl odds and stats it is interesting to note field position. The Patriots and Giants have poor return games and neither kick return unit is very good. The Patriots do have the better field position kicker though and that could be important in Superbowl odds.  Stephen Gostkowski averaged 64.5 yards per kickoff, while the Giants’ Lawrence Tynes averaged just 61.8 yards. The Giants also allowed more yardage per kick return (23.1) than the Patriots (22.1). That should mean New England starts their drives five yards further than New York and that could impact Superbowl betting.

As you look at Superbowl betting don’t expect a lot of penalties in the game.  The Giants and Patriots finished 27th and 28th in penalties. It should also help that Mike Carrey is the referee.  He is not known for going overboard calling penalties in a game.  Those are just some of the statistics to consider as you bet Superbowl odds this year.

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