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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Superbowl odds can sometimes be decided by just a few points so you want to be getting the best price for your wagers.

The Superbowl odds is pretty accurate and a point here or there can make all the difference between winning and losing.

Superbowl odds give you a wide variety of choices including the opportunity to bet at multiple online sportsbooks. It could be that one place has a game that is a half point better than everywhere else. How many bad beats and close calls have you had through the years where an extra half point or a full point would have turned a loss into a win or a push into a win?

Superbowl betting is very often about getting the best price for your money. It could be that means playing the game early in the week or it could mean waiting until close to game time. The smart Superbowl betting player understands that betting games at the right time is another part of getting the best price. Usually it is better to play favorites in Superbowl odds early in the week and underdogs late in the week. That is because the public tends to bet favorites in Superbowl odds and the line goes higher. That is a general statement though and sometimes you need to be aware that the line is moving against you and take your Superbowl odds now. Very often getting the best Superbowl odds is all about feel and the more you bet the better your feel will get.

Another option that may increase your Superbowl odds advantage is buying the extra half point. This option is one that some people choose but in the long run it only works in one situation in Superbowl odds. Studies have shown that the only long term advantage to buying the extra half point is in the NFL when the number is three. If the sportsbook you are playing at allows you to buy on or off of three in the NFL then it is worth doing. All other instances have shown that it is not profitable to buy points and that includes this year’s Superbowl odds number of seven. Some gamblers have chosen to buy Arizona up to +7.5 and Pittsburgh down to -6.5 but the only way that scenario will pay off in Superbowl betting is if the Steelers win by exactly seven points.

Finding the best Superbowl odds is not always easy. It takes patience and discipline sometimes to get the best Superbowl odds, but it is worth it, and it does matter.

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