Super Bowl Odds Present at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl odds are the most talked about and the most scrutinized of all betting odds.

More people wager on the Superbowl than any other game during the year.  So many people wager on the game that many sportsbooks have their entire bottom line affected by the results of the Superbowl.

Super Bowl odds present some many opportunities for bettors. The Superbowl is not just another game for bettors around the world; it is a game where they must have action.  When bettors look at the Super Bowl odds they have to pick something.  It could be a side, it could be a total, or it might be one of the many proposition bets available. When you look at Super Bowl odds you really should take a step back and realize that the line you see on the game is not what it should be.   The Superbowl is the most heavily bet game of the year.  It is also the game with the most public action.  That means that people are almost always going to bet the favorite and the over.  The oddsmakers know this fact and they are going to shade the Super Bowl odds toward the favorite and the over more than they have at any time of the season.  You may see an adjustment of 2 or 3 points.  The Super Bowl odds makers aren’t afraid of wiseguy action in the big game.  They welcome it.  What they are afraid of is public action and they must make the favorite and the over as high as they can so they will attract some bettors to the dog and the under on the Super Bowl odds board.

Super Bowl odds present great opportunities for both sportsbooks and bettors. Sportsbooks take in a ton of handle on the game and unless the game comes in heavily for the favorite and the over they do pretty well.  The bad news for the books and good news for the players is that the history of Super Bowl odds has shown that the favorite and the over do okay.

If you can’t find a side or a total that really appeals to you in the Super Bowl odds then consider one of the many prop bets.  Those proposition bets should keep you in action for most of the game and give you something to cheer about.  As you consider Super Bowl odds remember that you can bet more than just the side and the total.

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