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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Superbowl odds options for Super Bowl XLIII are superb. There are all kinds of ways to enjoy Superbowl betting and they all have their unique appeal.

Superbowl odds begin with the pointspread. In Super Bowl XLIII the Pittsburgh Steelers are 7-point favorites against the Arizona Cardinals. You would either take the favorite and lay the points, (Pittsburgh -7) or take the underdog with the plus points, (Arizona +7).

Another common Superbowl odds option that continues to gain in popularity is over/under betting, also known as “totals.” To bet an over under you would wager on whether or not the combined score in the Super Bowl (46.5) would go over or under in Superbowl odds. Bettors would either take this matchup over or under the Superbowl odds total of 46.5.

Another Superbowl odds choice is the money line, which is how baseball and hockey are bet normally. Instead of a pointspread a gambler would simply either take the favorite, (Pittsburgh -$240 to win $100), or the underdog, (Arizona +200 on $100 wagered).

The appeal of the money line is that there is no pointspread and all the gambler has to do is pick the straight up winner in Superbowl betting. Parlays and teasers are also available as different ways to mix things up with Superbowl odds as are individual quarter wagers and the popular halftime bet in Superbowl odds.

Proposition bets, or “props”, offer Superbowl odds on a wide variety of things for Super Bowl XLIII between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals. You will find Superbowl odds on things like the opening coin toss, how many yards a QB will throw for, how many sacks a player will get, and multitudes of other Superbowl odds proposition choices.

Some sportsbooks will also offer contests similar to what you might see in an office pool. They will offer Super Bowl squares where gamblers can pick a square and hope that they are lucky enough to have the score fall on their number.

There are countless options for Superbowl odds. Take a look at the wide variety of choices in Superbowl betting and enjoy this year’s game.

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