Super Bowl XLIII Odds Will Not Likely Feature AFC West at SBG Global

December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl XLIII odds fans should not expect to see an AFC West team in the Super Bowl odds this season.

A quick glance at the performance of this division is all any Super Bowl XLIII odds fan needs to conclude what a mess these teams are. One of these teams has to win the division, and be represented in the post season battle for a Super Bowl XLIII odds berth, but it will likely be a very short run at the Super Bowl odds and very long off-season for the winner.

Super Bowl XLIII odds could still feature the Denver Broncos, as they seem to have the AFC West all but locked up. Even if they are nowhere near being a candidate, the Chargers are still alive. If the Chargers win and Broncos lose their two remaining games, the Chargers would win the division and still be alive in the Super Bowl XLIII odds chase. But expecting any team out of this division to make a serious run at the Super Bowl XLIII odds is like expecting the sun to rise in the West; it’s simply not going to happen.

At the bottom of this division the lowly Oakland Raiders continue to set new records in futility, becoming the first team to lose at least 11 games six years in a row, and for this squad the Super Bowl odds are not only a dream, they are an impossibility. The KC Chiefs are not far behind, and have seemingly squandered all their young talent and never had a shot at the Super Bowl XLIII odds. It will be several years before the Chiefs can even think of a possible Super Bowl odds berth.

And so the battle between the slow-starting Chargers and the Broncos rages on, despite neither team being much of a threat to legitimate Super Bowl XLIII odds contenders. But someone has to win this division and earn a playoff spot, and possibly even a shot at the Super Bowl XLIII odds.

Even if these two teams are sloppy and find creative ways to lose close games, the beauty of this potential fight for a spot among other Super Bowl XLIII odds contenders is the fact that it will likely be decided on the final day of the season. And no matter how bad the teams are, this makes for great drama for Super Bowl XLIII odds fans.

And you never know, one of these teams could catch fire and maybe even make it to the Super Bowl XLIII odds. But that seems very unlikely.

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