Super Bowl XLIII Odds: Keep an Eye on Panthers at SBG Global

December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl XLIII odds are still more than a month from being set, but there are several teams in both divisions that look like they’ve got more than a passing chance at qualifying for this year’s Super Bowl odds.

And whether you like this team or not, the Carolina Panthers have to be considered one of the teams in the Super Bowl XLIII odds hunt. With two games left to play this team is a very impressive 11-3 and on paper is as good as any NFC team in the Super Bowl XLIII odds chase.

Super Bowl XLIII odds look good for this Carolina team, who, led by the quarter-backing of Jake Delhomme, has turned things around in a hurry considering last year’s disaster during the regular season. You can even say they are a legitimate Super Bowl odds contender. While Delhomme has been solid, the passing game (except for Steve Smith) has taken a back seat to the running game. In fact, if this team does get into the Super Bowl XLIII odds, it will be due in very large part to the ground attack.

DeAngelo Williams has had a break out year and could very well be the top back in the NFC. The Panthers O-line has been opening big holes and deserves much of the credit for making this team a Super Bowl XLIII odds contender, but nothing should be taken away from Williams. His has scorched opponents for an astounding 5.5 yards a carry, 1200 yards, 14 TDs and no fumbles. This is a very major reason as to why this team is being mentioned in the Super Bowl XLIII odds discussion.

But rookie RB Jonathan Stewart has also had a major impact on the running game and this one-two punch is one of the best of all the Super Bowl odds contending teams. Stewart is averaging 4.8 yards a carry and could very well break a 1,000 yards on the season. And of course, who could forget Smith, who is basically the entire passing game by himself, which could be a bad thing as the Super Bowl odds race heats up. Teams will throw double and triple coverage at Smith, which might shut down the passing game, but just as likely Smith will beat the coverage and perhaps carry the team to the Super Bowl odds. Super Bowl XLIII odds fans have seen how dangerous he’s been in the post season in years past and should expect more of the same this year.

The team’s weakness is a mediocre defense which is one of the worst among top Super Bowl XLIII odds contenders. But even though it gives up big plays and big yards, it doesn’t give up many points and that could be its saving grace as the Super Bowl XLIII odds hunt heats up.

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