Super Bowl XLIII Odds: Do the Cardinals Have Any Hope at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

As Super Bowl XLIII odds fans know, the winner of every division of the NFL gets a berth in the playoffs and a shot at the Super Bowl odds competition.

But what if the division is absurdly weak, should the team still get a shot at the Super Bowl XLIII odds? The Arizona Cardinals locked up the division several weeks ago but there are many Super Bowl XLIII odds makers that won’t give this team a snowball’s chance in the hell that is the Super Bowl odds battle.

Super Bowl XLIII odds are looking better for the Cardinals, who have much to be proud of in wrapping up their first division title since the Stone Age, and in many ways could be considered a legitimate contender. QB Kurt Warner, and former league MVP, is back in MVP form and if he’s playing well, this offense is arguably the best of any NFC contender. Warner could still possibly break Dan Marino’s single season passing record and has the best set of receivers out of the NFC Super Bowl XLIII odds contenders, if not the entire NFL.

The team’s weakness of offense is the running game, which is not only the worst among Super Bowl odds caliber teams, but worst in the league. Still, it hasn’t hindered production too much as the offense is second in the league in passing and points and fourth in total yardage. But once you get past the passing game there is no way to hide the team’s flaws when compared to other Super Bowl XLIII odds contenders.

The running game could prove a giant weakness against a solid defense down the Super Bowl XLIII odds stretch, even if Warner throws for 400 yards. But even assuming the Birds can move the ball, the team’s defense is mediocre at best. And even though it does have some bright spots, it gives up way too many points for the Cards to make the Super Bowl XLIII odds.

But perhaps the biggest indictment of this team in its quest for the Super Bowl XLIII odds is the fact that its only wins have been primarily against rotten teams. The Cards do not have an easy schedule this year, but head-to-head, it’s lost almost every game against legitimate Super Bowl odds contenders. The one exception being a win over the Cowboys at home, but it’s been whipped by every other NFC East team that it’s faced. And what should Super Bowl XLIII odds handicappers make of the ridiculous loss to Minnesota in week 15?

Despite having an explosive offense and three receivers passing the 1,000 yard mark, this team simply has too many flaws to make the Super Bowl XLIII odds. Open a New Account and bet on the Super Bowl at SBG Global!

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