Super Bowl XLIII Odds: Can an NFC Team Qualify at SBG Global

December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl XLIII odds makers likely never gave the NFC South much thought before the season started, but you can be sure that they’ve given this division plenty of thought now as the Super odds match up approaches.

Just a year removed from being one of the weakest divisions in the NFL, the NFC has come storming back and statistically, at least, seems to have the best shot of sending a team to the Super Bowl XLIII odds. With three teams likely to finish with 10 wins or more this has been a major turnaround and Super Bowl XLIII odds makers have no choice but to give this conference a good look. But just how good is the NFC South? Is it Super Bowl odds goods? The answer is: probably not.

Super Bowl XLIII odds makers have many things to consider when handicapping the Super Bowl odds and one thing that pops out right away about this conference is its strength of schedule. There’s no denying that this is a very talented group of teams and one of them could still be featured in the Super Bowl XLIII odds, but considering the weakness of the non-divisional games, Super Bowl odds fans are right to pass skeptical glance over this group.

The division leaders, the Carolina Panthers, seem to be the team most likely to mount a serious run at the Super Bowl XLIII odds. With an 11-3 record, you can’t deny the team is talented, but when your biggest win of the year is over the Cardinals at home, that doesn’t say too much about your Super Bowl XLIII odds candidacy. But this team has a strong running game and a serviceable defense, both keys to any Super Bowl odds run.

The Falcons and Bucs are just two games back with 9-5 records and very easy schedules to finish out the regular season which will pad their chances of reaching the Super Bowl XLIII odds. It’s quite possible that the division could send three teams to the playoffs. If the two teams win out, which seems very possible considering the remaining games are against awful teams, there would be a huge mess for Super Bowl XLIII odds makers to try and sort out as several teams could be knotted up with the same record.

But even accepting the hypothetical event that the top three teams in the NFC South qualify for the defense, they would still have little chance of making the Super Bowl XLIII odds. Any NFC team that makes the playoffs will destroy these NFC South teams and that will end any talk of that division in the Super Bowl XLIII odds.

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