Super Bowl XLIII Betting will not include Titans at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Superbowl XLIII betting fans and any fan of the NFL in general could never have predicted the Tennessee Titans’ improbable rise to the top of the AFC this season.

The Titans have staged one of the most improbable seasons that any Superbowl XLIII betting fan could imagine. This was team that was at best mediocre last year and had to scratch and claw for every single win it got. And when Young went down with an injury in the first game of the year followed by the bizarre suicide rumors, the future of this team seemed headed in the opposite direction of the Superbowl XLIII betting action. Add the fact that washed up QB Kerry Collins was thrown into the starters roll and there was absolutely no reason whatsoever to think the Titans would even be included in the side-line of the Superbowl XLIII betting discussions.

Super Bowl betting fans would never have picked this team to be battling for a Superbowl XLIII betting berth this late in the season, based on last year’s performance. Throw in the benching of star QB Vince Young and the team’s quest a Superbowl XLIII betting bid seems even more unlikely. Despite having the best record in the NFL, the team’s Super Bowl betting dreams will ultimately fall short.

But this team went on to win its first ten games and deftly silenced any would-be Super Bowl betting critics. At 12-2, the team has clinched a playoff spot and locked up the division, guaranteeing at least one home game in the postseason road to the Superbowl XLIII betting.

But the Titans will not be featured in the Super Bowl betting, at least not the Superbowl XLIII betting odds. What the Titans have done is very impressive, but it’s been against some very soft teams and with a two game stretch of the Steelers and Colts to end the season, the team’s Superbowl XLIII betting ambitions will be severely tested. Tennessee will likely lose both of these games and enter the playoffs on a downslide and likely won’t have home field advantage after Week 1 of the postseason. Collins has never faced a defense all season like he will against the Steelers, and the Colts are the hottest team in the NFL.

Add to that the fact that injuries have struck key players on defense and the Superbowl XLIII betting future of this team looks very cloudy. This team has done well against sub-par competition, including an early season victory over the Colts, but Indy’s a different team now and, head-to-head, the Titans simply don’t look to be in the same league as the legitimate AFC Superbowl XLIII betting contenders.

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