Super Bowl XLIII Betting Could Feature AFC North Team at SBG Global

December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl XLIII betting odds won’t be ready for another six weeks or so, but when the Super Bowl betting lines are finally set there is a very good chance that they will contain an AFC North team.

This conference has always been competitive ever since its conception in the 1990’s and two of its teams have a very good shot at qualifying for the Super Bowl XLIII betting odds. Both the Ravens and the Steelers have been playing at a very high level all season and look like to of the AFC favorites to go the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl XLIII betting competition will be very strong this year. As most NFL fans know the 2008 season has been unusually competitive between the AFC and NFC. There is no clear division as to which conference has the upper hand and the no matte which AFC team is sent to the Super Bowl competition, it will have its hands full. And according to many Super Bowl betting pundits it’s likely to be Baltimore or Pittsburgh.

It’s no secret what makes these teams Super Bowl betting favorites, it’s the defense. These are the two top defenses in the league, and they are miles ahead of every other contender with perhaps the exception of the Tennessee Titans which have a very legitimate shot at the Super Bowl XLIII betting themselves. Any AFC North Super Bowl XLIII betting dreams will likely have to run up against the Titans in the post season, but things could be decided even before than.

Baltimore and Pittsburgh both play the Titans in the final weeks of the regular season and these match ups could tell us many things about the path the to the Super Bowl betting. The Titans have had the best record in the NFL for almost the entire NFL season and have been associated with Super Bowl XLIII betting talk for the past few months. But the Titans record is built on lackluster wins over mediocre competition, while the Steelers and Ravens have the two hardest schedules in the league and the late season match ups with the Titans should offer valuable insight to potential Super Bowl XLIII betting fans.

Both Pittsburgh and Baltimore certainly have flaws, but there ravenous defenses seem to cover up their blemishes and in football –and the Super Bowl XLIII betting- defense is often seen as more important than an offense. And that’s why the Ravens and Steelers aren’t only in contention for a Super Bowl XLIII betting berth, but perhaps even a Super Bowl betting win.

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