Super Bowl XLIII Betting: Are Giants Still a Contender at SBG Global

December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl XLIII betting lines seemed to be destined to feature the New York Giants for the second year in a row.

After starting the season off with a near perfect record, big wins on the road over top AFC and NFC teams, and a mind boggling ground game the Giants seemed a lock for the Super Bowl betting berth. But after dropping two games in a row the team’s lock on the Super Bowl XLIII betting lines seems a little less certain.

Super Bowl XLIII betting looked like it would belong to the Giants again as they got off to a ferocious start to the year running up a record of 11-1 and making them the central focus of most Super Bowl betting talk. But it wasn’t just the wins, as the Tennessee Titans matched them in the win column, but rather it was the way the team won and the teams that it beat that made the Giants Super Bowl XLIII betting favorites. New York was racking big yardage totals and big wins against the best teams in the league and doing with the style of a defending Super Bowl betting champ. No defense seemed capable of containing the three-headed monster that was the Giants running game and it seemed as if Jacobs, Bradshaw, and Ward would run the team right into the Super Bowl XLIII betting.

But after the team locked up the division title and looked to be in great standing for a run at repeat Super Bowl XLIII betting title, things started to fall apart. WR Plaxico Burress shot himself in the leg and teammate and starting LB Antonio Pearce was also implicating in criminal activity related to the shooting. Since this event, the team has dropped two straight and its Super Bowl XLIII betting hopes have taken a hit.

The Panthers are now tied with the Giants for the best record in the NFC and could even have the inside track to the coveted Super Bowl XLIII betting bid. Much will be decided in Week 17 as the two teams will go head to head at the Meadowlands to determine which is the best Super Bowl betting team in the NFC and who will get home field advantage in the quest for the Super Bowl XLIII betting competition.

The Giants should prove once and for all that they are still the team to beat and the home field advantage and awful weather should be a tremendous boost for the team. A two-game slide is not the end of the world and certainly doesn’t cancel out the Giants Super Bowl XLIII betting hopes but if there has ever been a must-win game this year for New York, this is it. If the Cats do win on the road, the Giants will be have to win on the road in January if it wants to get to the Super Bowl XLIII betting competition.

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