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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl odds are the most popular sports betting odds in the world.

Super Bowl odds are the most popular sports betting odds in the world. The game is huge for gamblers and for sportsbooks.   The game can make or break an entire year for a sportsbook because so many people want to bet on the game.  There are so many great Super Bowl betting options including the Super Bowl halftime line.

Super Bowl odds are always interesting to bet and to consider including Super Bowl halftime odds.  As you look to bet the Super Bowl you should keep some things in mind.  There are some trends and facts that could help you pick the winner as you look at Super Bowl odds. If you have had bet the favorite in every Super Bowl at sportsbooks you would on the plus side.  Favorites are still the way to go in the biggest game of the year in Super Bowl odds.  Betting the game over the total has also been the way to go in Super Bowl odds.  Totals were not always tracked so we only have data since 1982, but betting the over has been profitable versus Super Bowl odds.  Since we know that the favorites and the overs have been profitable it would make sense the sportsbooks know this as well.  Every year the Super Bowl odds are shaded toward the favorite and the over. 

There are other factors to keep in mind when looking at Super Bowl odds and Super bowl halftime odds. Winning factors for teams in past Super Bowls have been rushing yards, first downs, and field goals.  Another thing to remember as a gambler is that if you can find the straight up winner of the game you will cover the Super Bowl odds.   The team that has the most rushing attempts in the Super Bowl covers the game almost every time.  The team that has the most first downs usually covers the spread. All of these statistics relate to ball control.  The same thing applies to the Super Bowl halftime odds.

Always remember when you look at Super Bowl odds that if you find the straight up winner, you usually find the pointspread winner as well. If you happen to like the underdog in the game then play the money line too.  Usually if the dog covers versus Super Bowl odds they also win the game.

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