Super Bowl Odds Impacted by Offense and Defense at SBG Global

December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl odds are about offense vs. defense. Most of the time in Super Bowl XLIII you are going to hear the matchup of the Arizona offense against the Pittsburgh defense.

Although that matchup is important, the matchup of the Pittsburgh offense against the Arizona defense is what will likely decide the Super Bowl Odds outcome.

Super Bowl odds history tells us that when a great offense is paired against a great defense the matchup is usually a wash. That means the matchup on the other side usually decides the Super Bowl betting result. Look what happened in the past two Super Bowls when the Giants offense and the Patriots offense matched up or the year before when the Bears defense faced the Colts offense. It was the Giants offense that won last year’s Super Bowl and the Colts defense that won the game against the Bears. If history repeats itself, the matchup of the Pittsburgh offense vs. the Arizona defense will decide this Super Bowl betting conclusion.

Looking at Super Bowl odds information we see that the Pittsburgh offense has been up and down this season but when needed it has come through. The Arizona defense was pretty bad during the regular season but has come on during the playoffs to some extent as Super Bowl betting stats show. The Cardinals are going to give up points. There is no two ways around that when it comes to Super Bowl odds. Their defense just doesn’t make enough big plays to slow teams down. The question in Super Bowl odds becomes how well Pittsburgh can take advantage offensively. If Willie Parker is able to run the ball effectively then the Steelers can control the clock and keep the Arizona offense off the field. Arizona was 16th in the NFL against the run during the regular season as Super Bowl odds stats indicate. They were 22nd against the pass as Super Bowl odds stats show.

Pittsburgh was 23rd in the NFL in rushing as Super Bowl odds numbers show, which is a poor number but what should be remembered with that number is that Willie Parker was hurt for much of the season. He is at full strength and seriously upgrades that number. The Steelers were 16th in the NFL in passing as Super Bowl odds stats show.

Can Arizona keep Pittsburgh contained and force turnovers? If so they have a chance to win the game and cover the Super Bowl odds. If not, the Steelers may win in a rout versus the Super Bowl odds.

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