Super Bowl Odds Have Evolved

December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl odds have evolved from a championship event into something far more.

Super Bowl betting goes far beyond betting on one side or the other against the pointspread, or even on the over/under total posted for the big game.

Super Bowl odds also offer a multitude of proposition bets, (“props”), in which a gambler can wager on the opening coin toss in addition to a number of other things like who will be the first player to score, which team will win which half or quarter, who will have the most sacks, etc. Props have definitely taken on a life of their own in the past decade in Super Bowl odds.

To the serious pro football bettor that is in it to make money, the Super Bowl is just another game that must be analyzed as such. For the masses who simply love to bet on anything, Super Bowl betting is a reason to have action. For the serious pro football gambler, the season that began with exhibition play in August is a long grind and one that takes maximum care and concentration.  The few who succeed do so with iron discipline and do not just wager on anything.  Monday Night Football, the Sunday Night game, Thanksgiving, and other special events on the NFL calendar are correctly analyzed as just other games on a long schedule. And that is how they analyze Super Bowl odds, as just one more event out of many on the long NFL schedule.  Just because it’s the biggest game of the year for the teams involved and the networks does not mean that it is any more important or valuable for the pro gambler. If a pro football bettor has done his job he has hit anywhere from 56-60% on his plays for the entire season and eked out a decent profit.  Anyone with that type of skill and discipline is unlikely to blow it all by betting everything on Super Bowl odds.  He might play something though because there are a lot of choices in Super Bowl betting.

Even if you don’t find value on the side or the total in Super Bowl odds there are countless props that do have value.  And not only can they have value; they can keep you in action.  Props are wagers that can appeal to both the pro gambler and the public in Super Bowl betting.  They can offer value to the pro gambler who finds and edge and at the same time they give everyone a chance to bet something to keep them in action. That is how much Super Bowl odds have evolved.

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