Super Bowl Odds for Props at SBG Global

December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

The Super Bowl odds are undoubtedly handicapped by more bettors than the odds for any other NFL matchups.

Additionally, Super Bowl betting enthusiasts are given the opportunity to wager on a huge number of prop lines, meaning the list of available Super Bowl odds is much longer than the list of odds available for typical games. Prop lines are Super Bowl odds that many Super Bowl betting enthusiasts wager on for amusement, but sometimes one can uncover excellent Super Bowl betting value in these lines.

The Super bowl odds involving prop lines often attract more attention than the normal Super Bowl odds simply because the prop lines can be so creative and amusing. For example, Super Bowl betting enthusiasts can occasionally wager on topics such as the result of the coin flip or the duration of the national anthem. Each sportsbook will offer Super Bowl odds involving different prop lines, but most sportsbooks offer Super Bowl odds regarding many of the same topics. For example, one will often encounter Super Bowl odds regarding which team will score first, the number of yards certain players will account for, the number of touchdowns certain players will score, or the number of successful field goals that will be kicked.

These Super Bowl  odds are naturally very entertaining to wager on. In fact, some Super Bowl betting enthusiasts disregard the normal Super Bowl odds and wager exclusively on props. More commonly, however, bettors will wager on a few of their favorite props in the Super Bowl odds in addition to a more typical wager on one of the sides. Regardless of the outcome of the game, bettors know that they will have an opportunity to win their prop bets and these wagers will also provide entertainment value until the game’s conclusion. Unlike many regular season games, the Super Bowl is a matchup that all NFL bettors will watch, so the prop lines included in the Super Bowl odds can make this game even more entertaining. Although many bettors see the prop lines as Super Bowl odds that can provide a few small, amusing wagers, some bettors are actually skilled at finding betting value in these lines. Handicapping such Super Bowl odds is a unique skill, as the prop lines do not deal with aspects of the game that handicappers are generally directly concerned with. However, by carefully analyzing the topics covered in the prop lines one can sometimes find Super Bowl odds providing tremendous value that most bettors would overlook.

Therefore, as bettors evaluate the Super Bowl odds they should always pay attention to the prop lines and determine whether or not any of the lines offer genuine value. Open a New Account and bet on the Super Bowl XLIII at SBG Global!

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