Super Bowl Odds May Break All Betting Records at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl odds for Super Bowl XLII are expected to break all betting records.

With the storyline of the New England Patriots going for a perfect season against a New York team, betting on Super Bowl odds around the world is expected to reach unprecedented levels

Super Bowl odds this year appeal to all types of bettors.  If you like a heavy favorite then New England will definitely appeal to you since they are laying about 12 points.  If you like the big moneyline underdog in the Superbowl then the Giants will look good on the Super Bowl odds board.  Since sports betting in the United States can be done legally only in Nevada, the money figures that can be tracked are very small.  Even in Nevada though, this year’s Super Bowl odds are expected to attract betting money in excess of $100 million.  That would shatter the record set two years ago when Pittsburgh defeated Seattle.  Worldwide, the betting numbers on this year’s Superbowl are expected to be in the billions.

Super Bowl odds on this year’s game opened with the Patriots a 13.5 point favorite but the number has been dropping.  Wise guys have taken the points with the Giants and the line has dropped to 12.  When the public gets on board and starts betting Super Bowl odds it is expected that the number will go back up, possibly to 14.  Most of the money bet on Super Bowl odds does not start coming into the sportsbooks until a couple of days before the game. That will be public money and it will decide how the Super Bowl odds are moved.  Most experts believe that money will be on New England and that Super Bowl odds will rise.  It is also possible that early money on the Super Bowl odds overreacted to a minor injury to New England quarterback Tom Brady.  It doesn’t take much of an injury to a star quarterback to send people into a panic when betting the Superbowl.

As you consider Super Bowl odds don’t forget the total.  There have only been five Superbowl games that had a total of more than 50 and only two of the games went over.  The Patriots were involved in one of those games though, as in 2004 they defeated Carolina and the game sailed over the Super Bowl odds total of 53.

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