Super Bowl Betting Line History at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl betting line history shows that the Super Bowl has become big business around the world.

Betting around the world on the Super Bowl including offshore, bookies, office pools, etc, is in the billions. It is quite obvious that the biggest game of the NFL’s season is also the biggest game of the year for gamblers around the world.

Super Bowl betting line history begins with the winning team.  Very rarely in Super Bowl betting line history has the winning team failed to cover the spread.  If you can pick the straight up winner you usually are going to get paid. The Super Bowl is the one game that the public is going to play hand over fist.  It is so one sided with public action that the game really takes on a life of its own.  Over 90 percent of the people that bet the Super Bowl betting line are not professional sports betting players. That usually means that the Super Bowl betting line doesn’t move much.  The reason it doesn’t move much is that the sportsbooks don’t want to run the risk of getting middled on the Super Bowl betting line. For example, the worst Super Bowl betting line for sportsbooks was back in 1979 when Dallas and Pittsburgh played.  The game opened with Pittsburgh a 3.5 point favorite.  The Super Bowl betting line drifted up to 4 and then 4.5 as the week progressed.  If the game landed with the Steelers winning by 4 points the books would get middled as Pittsburgh bets of -3.5 would win and Dallas bets of +4.5 would also be winners.  The Steelers ended up winning 35-31 and the game landed right in the middle of the Super Bowl betting line. It was a disaster for the sportsbooks.

The game has had many exciting memories throughout the years and some interesting Super Bowl betting line memories.  Usually the Super Bowl betting line has been decided long before the game ends.  Rarely have the games been close on the scoreboard.  You would think that with 41 Super Bowls that many of them would have been close but that has not been the case.  The Super Bowl has been the super blowout more times than not.

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