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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

The 2007 Super Bowl betting XLII choices and all Conference Championships wagering.

The excitement of the 2007 NFL playoffs and Super bowl betting odds, are all part of the Super Bowl betting 41 celebrations happening before the actual super bowl betting odds game day. The Super Bowl odds betting has evolved, or some would argue devolved, from the championship game of professional football into a pop culture event and national holiday.

The 2007 NFL playoffs are culminating with the New Orleans Saints vs. Chicago Bears who are playing for the NFC Championship Game Sunday, January 21, 2007, and the New England Patriots vs. Indianapolis Colts who are playing for the AFC Championship.

Super Bowl betting XLII  offers a multitude of proposition bets, (“props”), in which a gambler can wager on the opening coin toss, to who will be the first player to score, to which team will win which half or quarter, who will have the most sacks, and countless other gimmicks.

To the serious Super bowl betting bettor that is in it to make money, Super Bowl betting XLII is just another game that must be analyzed with cold ruthless precision and without the emotions of anticipation or need of “action.” For the masses of asses, however, Super Bowl betting 41 is a reason to make ignorant and ill-advised bets and throw away tons of cash for no legitimate reason.

For the serious pro super bowl betting gambler, the season that began with exhibition play in August is a long grind and one that takes the maximum care and concentration of the bettor. The few who succeed at betting pro football do so with iron discipline and do not just wager on games in order to have “action.” Monday Night Football, the Sunday Night game, Thanksgiving, and other special events on the NFL calendar are correctly analyzed as just other games on a long schedule and WITHOUT special precedence or importance to the gambler. And that is how Super Bowl betting XLII should be judged, as just one more event out of many on the long NFL schedule and just because it’s the biggest game of the year for the teams involved and the networks does NOT mean that it is any more important or valuable for the gambler.

If a pro football bettor has done his job he has hit anywhere from 56-60% on his plays for the entire season and eked out a decent profit. Anyone with that type of skill and discipline is unlikely to blow it all by wagering on the coin toss of Super Bowl betting XLII or by betting ten times more on the game than he normally would on other games. A good way to separate the pros from the amateurs in gambling is to observe their actions on Super bowl betting Sunday.

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