Super Bowl Betting on the Money Line at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl betting on the money line is a very logical option for the Super Bowl, because many Super Bowl betting enthusiasts are very interested in the game’s outright winner.

Bettors interested in pulling for one of the teams may find that it is more entertaining to wager on the money line than the Super Bowl betting spreads. Nevertheless, handicappers must analyze the money line Superbowl odds very carefully because sometimes a team will appear to offer value when value is actually lacking.

Super bowl betting differs from betting on regular season NFL matchups because each game is historical. Any bettors who are fans of one of the participating squads obviously will be hugely interested in the outcome. However, even bettors who are not very loyal to either team may find themselves pulling strongly for one of the teams. Consequently, Super Bowl betting with the money line can be quite sensible, as it is congruent with the interests of fans who are most concerned with the game’s outright winner. Super Bowl betting fans do not want the letdown of wagering on the underdog against the spread and pulling for the team to win the game, only to see the team cover the Super Bowl odds but fail to win the game.

Similarly, Super Bowl betting fans do not want the letdown of wagering on the favorite and pulling for the team to win game, only to see the team win the game outright without covering the Super Bowl odds. By Super Bowl betting on the money line one guarantees that one’s wager will win if the team wins, meaning one’s interests are closely tied with those of the team and one can enjoy the game’s excitement accordingly.

Super Bowl betting enthusiasts who wager on the money line because it appears to offer the best Super Bowl betting value need to handicap the Super Bowl odds carefully. One common mistake that Super Bowl betting fans make when wagering on the money line is that they simply wager on the favorite, thinking that the favored team in the matchup will be able to do what is necessary in order to become NFL champions. In other words, some bettors may feel as though it is too risky to wager on the point spread, as an underdog may be able to cover the spread, but a highly favored team will rarely lose outright in the biggest game of the season.

However, this Super Bowl betting strategy is unwise because even big favorites do occasionally lose in the Super Bowl. For example, in the 2008 Super Bowl the Patriots lost to the Giants despite being 12½ point favorites and winning every other game during the season. Therefore, one must always handicap the money line odds carefully and wager only when a team offers genuine Super Bowl betting value.

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