Super Bowl Betting on Sides at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl betting naturally attracts huge amounts of wagering action, and most bettors choose to wager on a side.

In order to handicap the Super Bowl odds successfully, one must carefully consider whether or not the spread gives an advantage to either one of the sides. Also, one must be careful about Super Bowl betting on a side when one’s Super bowl betting should really be on the money line.

Super Bowl betting is the most popular form of betting in the most popular sport for betting. Even people who rarely wager on sports often engage in Super Bowl betting. Moreover, the odds for any given regular season matchup will only be wagered on by a fraction of the football betting public, but essentially every football bettor will place a bet on the Super bowl odds. As a result, a relatively high percentage of Super Bowl betting action comes from casual bettors and relatively uninformed bettors. In general, many of these gamblers will elect to wager on the favored team, as inexperienced bettors tend to wager primarily on favorites.

Consequently, it is quite possible that the Super Bowl odds will be shifted in order to accommodate this preference. For example, if the matchup’s odds would normally be set at -5, the Super Bowl odds may be set at -6. Naturally, in this type of situation the underdog would normally offer the best value because the line has been inflated. This is not to say that Super Bowl betting on the underdog will always offer the best value, but Super Bowl betting on the underdog is certainly an option that bettors should seriously consider every year.

When many bettors watch football games they simply want the teams they have wagered on to cover the spreads, and the bettors are otherwise uninterested in the outright winner of a game. However, Super Bowl betting is unique, and many gamblers do have a preference regarding which team ends up winning the Super Bowl. This characteristic of the game helps make Super Bowl betting especially exciting, but it can also cause problems by impeding a normal evaluation of the betting lines. Many Super Bowl bettors end up simply wagering on the team they want to win the game or the team they think will win the game, as if they were Super Bowl betting on the money line.

But unless one is actually Super Bowl betting on the money line then the outright winner is unimportant and one must simply focus on each team’s value with regards to the point spread. Any bettors who wager on a Super Bowl betting spread without handicapping the Super Bowl betting spread carefully will obviously risk placing unwise wagers.
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