Super Bowl Betting Money at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl betting is the most important type of sports betting in the United States as gamblers are wagering a record amount of money.

Super Bowl Sunday is like a holiday in the United States with football, food, and of course Super Bowl betting.

Super Bowl betting is all about the money.  The game has so many things surrounding it including 30-second commercials that cost $3 million dollars.

Super Bowl betting is so much a part of the game that the mayors of each city wager something on their teams.  Around the world it is expected that billions of dollars will be wagered in Super Bowl betting.  In Nevada, where sports betting can be done legally, they are expected to break the $100 million dollar mark in Superbowl betting.  That is just a drop in the bucket overall, but Nevada still has a reputation.  What helps Superbowl betting this season is that the New England Patriots are trying to make NFL history and finish off a perfect season.  It doesn’t hurt that a New York team is also involved in the game.

Super Bowl betting had the Patriots open as a 13.5 point favorite and that number has drifted down to -12.  It is expected that the Super Bowl betting number will rise close to game time.  In addition to Super Bowl betting money on the two teams you also have a lot of money wagered on props, office pools, etc.  There are some estimates that just the office pools will rake in over $4 billion dollars in Super Bowl betting money.

Superbowl betting is really unlike any other form of sports betting simply for the fact that everyone gets involved.  You have the public, the professionals and everyone in between.  Even people that never make sports bets like to get involved in Super Bowl betting.  When the biggest game in the world is on television people like to have money on the line.  That is why Super Bowl betting is so popular.

Be sure and take a look at the great Super Bowl betting options available to you this year.  From the side and total to the money line and propositions, you have never had more choices than you have today.

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