Super Bowl Betting Line Moves at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl betting line moves are interesting to consider, especially when there is a two week break between the Championship games and the Super Bowl like there is for Super Bowl XLII.

Super Bowl betting lines will be released just after the Championship games are played and line movement will immediately occur.

Super Bowl betting line move just after the Super Bowl odds are released are almost always made by some big betting group. Let’s first though define what an early football line move is. The really early football line move in Super Bowl betting is made after the line comes out on Sunday evening and on Monday morning. Those are the Super Bowl betting line moves we are talking about. Usually a group will take a position early in the week because they see something in Super Bowl betting odds that they want to bet. They will move the line and then decide later in the week whether or not they want to get off the game. Most of the times they will stick with their original plays in Super Bowl betting because they believe the numbers they came up with are better than those of the oddsmakers. What can also cause these early Super Bowl betting line moves is some line adjustments. This means that the original line on the game was “soft” and a group or groups took advantage of this poor number. It could be nothing more than taking a position based on the Super Bowl odds being weak. It could also be other sportsbooks adjusting their number because they know their original number is weak. That is what happens at many online sportsbooks on Monday because they see action at other places and move their own games, regardless of the action on Super Bowl odds. It is a form of protecting yourself as an online sportsbook from the heavy action. It is also called moving a line on air. That means moving a line without actually getting any action on the game.

Early Super Bowl betting line moves are usually made by the bigger groups or sportsbooks themselves. These Super Bowl betting line moves are usually not made by the public. Later in the week, particularly as game time approaches the public money flows in, but early line moves are almost never from the public. If you are one of the people that follow Super Bowl betting line moves you want to take a look at early line moves. You have to be careful though because there are occasions where a group takes an early position on the Super Bowl odds only to go the other way later in the week.

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