Super Bowl 50 MVP Prop Betting Guide

November 19th, 2019 NFL Football

With the Super Bowl 50 some weeks away and we are going through the Wild Card stages we decided to take a look and the propositions for the MVP award for this 2015-16 Super Bowl 50, and whom it is thought will come out as the outstanding player of that Championship Game on the 7th of February.

In the 2015-16 NFL Regular Season the top performances by players now sees those same players in the Wild Card game and in the Super Bowl 50 hunt, and those same players are anticipated to be the leaders for the 2015-16 Super Bowl 50 MVP players award.

Many fans are still wondering who the star players are with potential of playing in Super Bowl 50, so we decided to take a look at what most experts pick as the candidate and some overlooked players as well.

Starting with the favorite star players who are candidates, the first is the Carolina Panthers QB C. Newton who this season has had his career high passing for touchdowns which is 35 with a 99.3 passing rate, and a career low for interceptions this season with a mere 10. Plus, he also scored 10 touchdowns rushing and accumulated this season some 638 yards rushing. Those statistics are from QB Newton’s best season and made him the leader in this category at +300 to win the February Super Bowl 50 MVP Award.

Let it be known that this season QB Newton has taken his Panthers on a 15 game season of victories, and led them to this 1st round by and at home advantage for the balance of the 2015-16 NFL postseason.

Next is the Patriots QB T. Brady, and yes the Patriots remain Super Bowl 50 bound and their QB Brady is seeking his 5th Super Bowl Title and plus he has earned 4 MVP Awards in his career. QB Brady in his sixteen NFL seasons has always had amazing statistics and he has face a lot of injuries this season to his offensive roster, especially to his receivers which has been crazy.

Apart from the injury issues in his passing offense, QB Brady still accumulated over 4,005 passing yards and that’s the 4th straight season that he has accomplished that, and with only 7 interceptions for the 2015-16 season. So since we are reviewing the favorites to win this MVP award in Super Bowl 50, this deserving QB Brady has the same +300 odds as the Panthers QB Newton.

Now we take a look at a couple of sleepers for this MVP award and start with the Steelers of Pittsburgh QB B. Roethlisberger who is a player very familiar with postseason experiences, and he and his team can be a risky opponents for whomever in the playoffs. And that takes into consideration that ‘Big Ben’ only played in 50% of the games this season, troubled with minor injuries, but still was able to accumulates some 21 touchdowns passing on 3.940 passing yards.

He also has postseason experiences are quite impressing, as in his career he has had 15 postseason games in which he passed for 21 touchdowns and 3,485 yards. In his 2 Super Bowl appearances and victories as a starter at QB he did not receive any MVP honors, and thus we expect he now is now geared to accomplish that task and presently is listed at +1,200 to win this prestigious award,

Another sleeper is none other than the Broncos QB P. Manning and a future NFL HOF he is listed at 1,500 odds and has the stats and experience with a sleeper status, and remembering he won the MVP award back in 2007. But it appears that his 37 years of age may be taking a hit on him, since he has only started about 50% of the Broncos games this season, of which he missed 6 games completely, as he struggled with an injury to his foot during those weeks. It now appears that after his last comeback win for the Broncos last week, that this may be his best and last opportunity to seek another Lombardi Super Bowl trophy before retiring. Many fans believe that QB P. Manning has been one of the best QB’s in football to step into the NFL gridiron of games, and would like to see a fairy-tale ending to his fabulous career to date.

That is possible if the running game is clicking and their very tough defense will give QB Manning their best during these playoffs in taking the team to the Super Bowl 50, and then all is needed is for QB P. Manning to have just 1 more spectacular performance and winning another MVP award so he can finish his playing years at the highest level.

Then we have a long shot according to those in the know in Carolina Panthers TD G. Olsen who is credited with being a helpful partner of the Panthers and QB Newton’s success in this 2015-16 NFL season. He’s a 9 year veteran at TE who has become the most productive and reliable threat in the Panthers passing game and having a career high season with 7 touchdowns on the season and gaining 14.4 yards on each reception and accumulating some 1,105 yards in receptions this season.

Certainly QB Newton is a lot more visible for his statistics and play, and TE Olsen has a factor working against him, and that is there has never been in all the previous MVP Awards given to a Tight End so Olsen is listed at +2,500.

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