Sunday’s Pro Bowl Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Pro Bowl betting on Sunday gives gamblers a chance to bet on another NFL game in advance of the Super Bowl.

For the first time ever, Pro Bowl odds will be wagered on before Super Bowl odds.  Considering how many players have declined a Pro Bowl invitation, it might be the last time the Pro Bowl is held before the Super Bowl.

Pro Bowl betting has seen the NFC win 20 games while the AFC has won 19 games.  There is not a lot of defense played in the Pro Bowl so the total has been high but not every game goes over.  Last year it was the NFC winning 30-21 and the game went under the Pro Bowl odds. Three of the last four Pro Bowls have not reached 60 points in Pro Bowl betting.  That is a change from earlier years when high scoring games were the norm in Pro Bowl betting.  Part of the reason for this is that the best players are simply not playing in the game anymore.  There are so many changes in this year’s game that there are not very many players who were originally selected even playing in the game.  All of the Indianapolis and New Orleans players will not be in the game since they play the following week in the Super Bowl.  Most of the Minnesota and New York Jets players are not going to show up since they are coming off losses just a few days ago.

The two coaches that have coached in the Pro Bowl the most are John Madden and Tom Landry.  Bill Cowher, who coached the Pittsburgh Steelers, was the winning coach in the Pro Bowl a total of four times. In the past, Dallas and Kansas City had 12 players selected to the Pro Bowl and that is the current record for the most players a team has sent to the Pro Bowl.

Pro Bowl betting gets the spotlight on Sunday since the game is being televised on ESPN in prime time.  The NFC has won three of the last four games in Pro Bowl betting.   There is not a lot you can do to handicap Pro Bowl odds.  The rosters this season are full of players who do not belong in the game.  Neither team is going to be playing hard, and starters may only see a quarter or so of playing time.  Usually taking the over is the way to go in Pro Bowl betting but even that hasn’t worked in recent years. It is still better to cheer for points in a meaningless game though in Pro Bowl odds.

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