Straight Up Football Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

With a small football odds pointspread like 6 points the money line can be an attractive bet on the underdog in NFL football odds.

Football odds don’t just involve sides and totals, they also involve money lines. At one time or another when betting football odds we have all thought about how nice it would be to just pick the straight up winners, with no worries about covering the college or NFL football odds. This is where they money line comes into play.

Football odds in terms of money lines only have you worried about picking the winner. There is no pointspread involved. How many times have we all had that straight up winner only to lose the game because of the pointspread? The solution to the pointspread is the money line in the odds.

The money line is a way of wagering in which you lay football odds on the favorite or take football odds on the underdog with no pointspread factored in at all. In essence, it all comes down to picking straight up winners. For example, let’s say that Green Bay was hosting Chicago in an NFL game. The regular NFL football odds on the game had Green Bay favored by six points. The money line on the football odds board might read Chicago +$200/Green Bay-$220. This means that gamblers wanting Chicago would wager $100 for every $200 that they wanted to win while gamblers wanting Green Bay would wager $220 for every $100 that they were trying to win in football odds. Let’s say that a gambler took the Packers for $220 to win $100 in money line football odds. Then let’s take another gambler that laid the six points on Green Bay in NFL football odds. The Packers won 24-21 on a late field goal. Both gamblers had Green Bay but only the money line was a winner. Some gamblers prefer the money line in football odds as they are able to bet with authority and confidence rather than with fear and hesitation.

The other option in money line football odds is to take the underdog. If you already like a team plus the points why not make an additional wager on the money line? This will pay off even more if your team wins the game. In that previous example if Chicago covered the spread they may also win the game more than half the time.