Stay Ahead of the Football Betting Curve

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Last week do not foretell what is going to happen this week in football betting. When you look at football bets you can’t get caught up in the past.

Football betting is best done by staying ahead of the curve. This means that you should do the opposite of the NFL football betting masses, who are more often than not betting on last week’s games and last year’s results, meaning that they are reacting to the past rather than anticipating the future. If you want to win money making football bets you need to be proactive.

Football betting from a proactive perspective means you think like an oddsmaker. Thinking like a football betting oddsmaker means that you will understand that there is no value in doing what the masses are doing which is reacting to last week’s results, both good and bad. An oddsmaker mentality would have you looking at football betting from an unbiased perspective. Being proactive at NFL football betting also means having a contrarian mindset. When you observe the masses all flocking to an angle, keep in mind that the angle is largely based on the past. It can be the previous performance, be it good or bad or the past matchup between two rivals, or many other factors but nearly always, it is in response and reaction to something from the past. The best way to be proactive in these situations is to anticipate the future by taking that extra value that was left in a vacuum from the masses all going in reaction the other way.

This is what the public does not remember when making football bets. Teams make adjustments and rarely are teams as good as they look or as bad as they look. Perception is critical in football betting and if you want to win money you have to keep a football betting oddsmaker’s perspective instead of a public perspective. This means you must stay ahead of the curve and understand how and why the football betting lines are made each week.

Learn to stay ahead of the public as you make your football bets this season and you will be more successful in your football betting.