Sportsbook NFL Playoff Betting Lines

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL playoff betting lines at sportsbooks can be beaten if a gambler will realize that the margin between victory and defeat is razor thin.

In a league in which parity and competitive balance is a reality, when you add NFL playoffs betting lines to that mix you have the equation for an exciting handicapping challenge during the football playoffs.

NFL playoff betting lines at sportsbooks can be a double edged sword. For the disciplined and value oriented gambler, the NFL playoffs betting lines offer great chances to make money. For the undisciplined gambler, the football playoffs are just another losing proposition. It is always important when you look at NFL playoffs betting lines to get the best possible number. With the convenience of being able to make an instantaneous wager on demand, a gambler can wait all the way up to kickoff before having to pull the trigger, as he can wait to see if the NFL playoffs betting lines improves his way. On the other hand, if a gambler sees a favorable early price in the middle of the week he can make that bet immediately before the NFL playoffs betting lines go up and against him.

For the gambler that cannot control himself, however, NFL playoff betting lines can be a problem. The “action” oriented gambler can surf from site to site and begin the process of playing too many games in the football playoffs. As insane as it sounds some gambler’s have such a lack of self control that they may forget about wagers that they had and accidentally bet both sides of the same game in NFL playoff betting lines. Beyond that, such gamblers often end up having their entire bankroll at stake each week during the football playoffs.

Another problem that “action” oriented gamblers have with NFL playoffs betting lines is that there are so many outstanding wagering opportunities that they end up abusing them, instead of taking advantage of them. First half and half time lines get a lot of “action” addicts into even more trouble, while smart gamblers use them to gain an edge over the original NFL playoffs betting lines, in essence buying themselves bargains. The many different options available during the playoffs are a good thing only if gamblers have enough self control to play only their strongest plays.

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