Smart NFL Football Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL football betting money is going against the flow, away from the crowd and the lemmings that are all towards the cliff when they make football bets.

Football betting can be done on an intelligent basis if you understand what you are doing. This doesn’t mean you have to be an expert at the sport itself when making football bets though. It is both amazing and ironic how some of the most knowledgeable gamblers about the subject of pro football itself are so totally clueless and ignorant about the specifics of NFL football betting.

Football betting, like life, is full of ironies and one of the biggest of all is that your typical NFL “geeks” are amongst the most clueless when it comes to actual gambling mechanics and ability. What is every bit as ironic is that your experts at NFL football betting, the “sharps” who bet the “smart money” are not necessarily the experts at pro football itself. These guys may not all be able to name every player and assistant coach on every team. But what they can do, and why they make money at NFL football betting, is be able to recognize board value.

In a sense, your NFL geeks are like folks with Ivy League doctorates. They are book smart and street ignorant, lacking in logical thinking skills while believing that life is lived on a term paper. Your NFL football betting sharps, on the other hand, are brutal realists and skeptics that have “heard it all before” on various forms of hype, and therefore do not get swayed by the latest panic reports on ESPN or from other media outlets that the masses use when making football bets.

The smart money is “pro-active” rather than reactive in football betting. The ignorant football betting money is bet based on the media reactions to last week’s games and the all-too-typical angles regarding the week’s approaching games. One of the most basic and important things to realize about ignorant money is that it is “well informed” at least as far as your typical media spin goes. Sure, the ignorant NFL football betting gambler can give you all of the angles, stats, spin, and lay of the land on each game, but what they are totally clueless about is board value. If you want to make money making football bets you have to be smart and understand the football betting line far more than you understand the game itself.

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