Signs Point to Favre Returning

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

All of the signs point to Brett Favre signing with the Minnesota Vikings before the end of the month.

Vikings head trainer Eric Sugarman met with Favre Wednesday to see how Favre’s shoulder was healing.  Sugarman also visited Favre last month to offer advice in speeding up the healing process. It has been seven weeks since Favre had surgery and reports are that he has healed well.  NFL betting information tells us that the Vikings open up training camp on July 31st and they expect a decision regarding Favre before that time.

There have been many other signs that point to Favre returning to the NFL with the Vikings.  Reports have it that the Vikings and Favre have agreed to a basic contract that is heavily based on incentives.  It was reported that Favre jerseys were already being produced but the NFL has denied that report saying that Favre would have to be under contract for that to have happened.

Reports surfaced that Favre and his wife Deanna made a deposit on a condo in the Edina area last weekend.  Online betting information tells us that it has also been reported that the Vikings playbook is being changed to accommodate Favre.  Since Favre has a good relationship with Vikings head coach Brad Childress it is unlikely the changes will be major or difficult for the people involved.

Unless Favre has a major setback with his shoulder it seems very likely that he will be signing with the Vikings this month.  Keep in mind a date to watch.  The Vikings put their single-game tickets on sale July 20th as NFL betting information shows and it has been speculated that they will announce the Favre signing at that time.  It would definitely be a great public relations move and would immediately generate a lot of single-game sales.

NFL odds makers have already anticipated Favre signing with the Vikings.  Minnesota is listed at 19-1 to win Super Bowl XLIV. Those NFL odds at the online sportsbook are likely to drop with the announcement of Favre’s signing.  Look for NFL betting odds at the online sportsbook in the range of 12-1 to 15-1 when it is announced that Favre has signed with Minnesota.  The Vikings open the season on the road at Cleveland in Week 1 and it is very probable they would be a popular pick in NFL betting with Favre at the helm.