Show Discipline when Betting Football Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Those football odds fans who treat the football betting odds as a job often end up having more fun than those who claim to “do it for fun.”

Football odds can be wagered on throughout the fall and winter months with a huge number of games on the board. If you want to win money wagering against the football betting odds you need to show discipline. It is not always easy to do with so many great games on the football betting odds board.

Football odds are so appealing that many gamblers just like to “play for fun” and have “action” with parlays, teasers, and bets on the main TV games. There is nothing wrong with that but if you want to be a little more serious with your wagering against the college football betting odds you may want to show more discipline.

Part of being successful wagering against football odds is simply to know what you are doing and what your goals are. Before the season you should already know what your bankroll is and the rate at which you want to grow it during the year versus the football odds. Along those same lines, you should basically know how you will go about your weekly football gambling as far as what criteria to look for and how to correctly read into the football odds and assess value. Playing for fun is screwing around and, in essence, playing the lottery on bets that have no real basis of value on the football odds board. It’s playing around with a laundry list of games versus the football odds with no rhyme or reason other than having “action.”

The mindset of a gambler that wins betting football odds is one of being tough minded and never letting the football odds makers take advantage. It’s having the self discipline of only playing the best plays, the ones where there is a clear advantage against the football odds board. The real fun in football gambling comes with the satisfaction of being on the same side as the football odds makers.

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